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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Simon back in U.S., Matusz talks about outing | School of Roch
HIs rhythm was off a bit and he thought he was rushing in his first rehab start, but Brian Matusz felt healthy and that's good enough for me. 

Is Adam Jones Breaking Out? - Dempsey's Army
It would be nice if he was, wouldn't it?

Power Ranking Each Veteran's Likelihood of Being Dealt | Bleacher Report
Fancy slideshow of potential trade chips!

Reynolds Takes The High Road, Posada Takes The Low Road | Baltimore Sports Report
I'm not sure these situations are really comparable.

AL East the surprise picture of competitive balance -
I'm not sure that word means what you think it means, USA Today.

Orioles Insider: The coming roster shuffle -
Exploring the limitless excellence of our 1st base depth chart. 

Q&A with Jayson Stark, ESPN I Orioles Hangout
Chris Stoner talks to Stark about the O's chances, what they should do at the trade deadline, and more. 

Adjusting Expectations for Matt Wieters | The Outside Corner
Would you be happy if Matt Wieters ended up having a career like Thurmon Munson?