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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Rotation questions, Simon, Machado, Draft -

We know who is starting tonight and tomorrow's games. Past that, your guess is as good as anyone's.

Steve Melewski: Taking a closer look at Mark Reynolds' stats - MASN

Mark Reynolds loves the home cookin'.

Bowie's mound duo too much for Squirrels | Richmond Times-Dispatch

"He may have a lot on his mind, but he's certainly not showing it, and it's not affecting what I see on the field."

New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles Preview - ESPN New York

2/3 of this preview is incredibly annoying junk about the Yankees, but "Accuscore" gives us a 54% chance of victory.

Fearless Predictions Revisited - Dempsey's Army

Fact-checking Carnac.

The Worst Pitching Performance Ever - Joe Blogs

Yes, even worse than the O's pen in Boston the other night.