Stepping out of the rain...


Tonight was it for me. 13 years of losing. The inability to overcome messes like tonight has consumed me as a fan. This disaster represents the last orioles game I will watch until this team gets above .500. That could be a couple days, a couple years, who knows. Im not going to go outside and beat the shit out of a tree with a bat after another terrible loss again. Im simply going to avoid them. Call it fair weather. Ive had enough lack of common sense to repeatedly watch this team through the tough times and the tougher. Right now, selfishly, I have to step away. Been standing under this black cloud for thirteen years while it rains and pours and rains and pours and get struck by lightning and then get struck by lightning again. Ive probably given my whole neighborhood quite a show of how a rabid fan acts when hes completely lost his mind. No more shows, no more storms, Im stepping out of the rain for a while,

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