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Thursday Bird Droppings

August 23, 1989 Los Angeles Dodgers at Montreal Expos Box Score and Play by Play -

From a commenter on this post - a game from 1989 with even more innings and more runners left on base than last night's debacle. Rick Dempsey finally won the game for Tommy Lasorda's Dodgers in the 22nd inning, to the delight of such notable teammates as Eddie Murray, Willie Randolf and Fernando Valenzuela. 

Zach Britton Looking To Continue Building Case For AL Rookie Of The Year - Baseball Nation

"Keep an eye on his performance Wednesday night. If Britton shows he can conquer the Yankees, odds are pretty good he'll go on to give Pineda and the others a run for their money."

Guthrie still O's No. 1 starter - for now |

A profile from Jeremy Guthrie's hometown paper, full of quotes proving once again that everyone loves Guts.

Bergesen as tonight's starter is easiest of Orioles' decisions today -

Bergy tonight, Simon may join the club this weekend, bullpen's in shambles and B-Rob flat-out refuses to stop injuring himself with headfirst slides into first base.

O's By the Numbers: Stolen Bases | Baltimore Sports Report

Do the 2011 O's need to be more aggressive on the basepaths?

Five Losing Pitchers Who Shouldn't Be | Baseball Nation

A topic of conversation in yesterday's open thread, Jeremy Guthrie makes the list.

MLB’s All-Crazy Team |

The craziest player at every position. In some cases crazy actually means crazy, in others it just means someone who was a giant jerk.

Teixeira: 'I'll always love Baltimore' -

Wow. We're flattered, Mark. Seriously. Everything's forgiven because you (allegedly) enjoy crabs. In fact, we'll bring some crab mallets to the game for you next time. We could just hurl gently toss them at to you from the stands! Won't that be fun?