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Thirteen-year anniversary of the Orioles-Yankees Brawl

Thanks to Dempsey's Army for re-tweeting this from Ball Hogs Radio. Today is the thirteenth anniversary of one of the craziest baseball brawls I've ever seen. As described at Ball Hogs Radio via's list of greatest basebrawls:

After O’s closer Armando Benitez gave up what turned out to be the game-winning three-run homer to Bernie Williams in the eighth inning, he took out his frustration on Tino Martinez, drilling him between the shoulder blades. Yankee pitcher Graeme Lloyd became so incensed at the spectacle that he raced in from the bullpen to get in a lick at Benitez. The fight moved toward the O’s dugout, with Darryl Strawberry throwing what the Baltimore Sun called a "sucker punch" at Benitez, swinging so hard that he ended up in the Baltimore dugout. Then Alan Mills pounded Strawberry, bloodying his face.

Here is 47 seconds of brawling goodness: