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Monday Bird Droppings

Machado, Shorebirds stay red-hot | News 

Down on the farm, things are going well.

quick-thoughts-about-today-a-britton | oriole post

Zach Britton: Still awesome.

Catching up with ... former Oriole Eddie Watt -

I kind of love this series of profiles of players from back in the glory days, living their completely ordinary American lives after their days in the baseball sun are over. I wonder if successful players from today's era will ever be this...normal.

Former Oriole Millwood opts out of Yankees contract -

I guess the Mentor's episode of "Yankeeography" will be pretty brief.

Orioles, Ravens Players React to Osama Bin Laden News | Baltimore Sports Report

I guess is this what twitter is for - recording the opinions of athletes on major historical events as they occur.