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Friday Bird Droppings

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School of Roch: Showalter speaks after 13-2 loss - MASN

"Contrary to popular belief, every time a hitter gets hit by a pitch, it isn't intentional. Not every time a Yankee player gets hit, it's intentional."

Orioles Buzz: Heath Bintliff: Orioles bullpen has been a money pit

We have really spent a lot of money on a lot of really, really bad relievers. Mike DeJean. LaTroy Hawkins! Mike Gonzalez. Ugh.

Could Britton Be The Orioles' All-Star? | Camden Crazies

Who is most likely going to the MLB Prom? And probably going stag? Zach Britton.

School of Roch: Jakubauskas and Patton down, Adams and Reimold up - MASN

Reimold Accolytes, rejoice. Your savior is on a bus from Norfolk.

What should the O's do with reliever Michael Gonzalez? -

The age-old question of the MacPhail era: What to do with the aggressively awful reliever you owe millions of dollars to?

Be like Mike -- if you seek awfulness | The Daily Times

It takes a lot for dead tree writers to start flat-out printing that you stink. Congrats, Mike.

Jake Arrieta’s Breakout Year? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

He might actually be good, y'all.

 The 20 Biggest Dugout Fights in Baseball History | Bleacher Report

Not on this list? Jay Payton vs. Melvin Mora, 2007.