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Saturday Bird Droppings

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Really?  Seventeen runs allowed to the Nats?  Disgusting. I'm sure our review of this morning's clips will reveal some magical cure for such monumental suckitude.

Orioles Insider: Simon gets call day earlier; Struggling Berken is optioned - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards - And there you go.  Alfredo Simon.  Our savior.  Throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care.

Steve Melewski: A tough time for a good guy
...but wait!  Jason Berken is a swell guy!

A few odds and ends - Britt's Bird Watch Britt's got the 411 on the latest doings with Mr. Thornhill.  Oh, what a web we weave!

Red Sox confirm Kevin Millwood signing, make seven roster moves | HardballTalk
The Red Sox have shelved multiple Birdland Evaluation Society honoree Hideki Okajima and opted for some good, old-fashioned mentoring.

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Jeff Manto, 1996 Donruss #38 One of my favorite flash in the pan O's.

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage played in Cardinals, Reds systems - Big League Stew  And we pause to honor an American icon...