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Birds Up, O's Down for May 16-22

Vladdy breaks his bat and eventually the Nationals. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Vladdy breaks his bat and eventually the Nationals. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images


Who's hot and who's not for the Baltimore Orioles.


Jake Arrieta

Got battered this week in his lone start......against the Nationals.  Allowed 6 runs on 6 hits and did not make it out of the 4th inning.  Also walked 3 batters over the short span.

Brad Bergesen Another guy who just got smoked in his one start this week.  Allowed 8 runs and didn't make it out of the 4th inning.  Also walked 3 batters.

Zach Britton

Allowed just a run in 7 innings against the Yankees, lowering his season ERA to a mere 2.14 and his WHIP to 1.05.  That's getting it done.

Jeremy Guthrie

Had a quality start and finally got a win for it.  Pitched a solid 7 innings versus the Nationals and allowed just 2 runs on 5 hits.  Also pitched an inning in relief to clean up for Gonzo during the 15 inning debacle.

Brian Matusz

Dominated a rehab assignment and might be back very, very soon.

Chris Tillman

Throws tons of pitches and should go much deeper into games than he has, but no complaints about 1 run over 5 innings.

Jeremy Accardo

Gave up the winning runs in extra innings against the Yankees and did nothing to redeem himself outside of giving up more runs.


Jason Berken

What happens when you don't pitch well?  You go back to the minors, which is exactly where Berken is headed.  Started off the season well, but has been simply awful since.  Outing versus the Nationals on Friday was the last straw.


Mike Gonzalez

It is an absolute atrocity that this guy is still here.  Nod if you agree.

Kevin Gregg

Between Gregg and Gonzalez, O's fans have enough evidence to cite the Orioles for cruel and unusual punishment.

Jim Johnson

Allowed 1 run over 4 appearances, but ultimately pitched well.  Wish the rest of the bullpen would take notes. 

Clay Rapada

Has a chance to get guys out if they hit left-handed.  Has no chance against righties.  One wonders why he's even allowed to pitch against righties.

Koji Uehara Three solid appearances this week, one not-so-solid appearance.  Three is better than one, so up-arrow.

Ryan Adams
We'll give him the "welcome to the majors" up-arrow since he did pick up his first MLB hit. 


Robert Andino

Getting a few more ABs now that Roberts is down, but isn't really doing much with them.


Jake Fox

Didn't get a whole lot of playing time and didn't do a whole lot in that playing time.

Vladimir Guerrero

Not showing a lot of power, but the guy is making contact.  Multi-hit games all week with the exception of yesterday.  That "exception" was a two-run home run that would serve as the game-winning run.  That'll play.

J.J. Hardy

Last week was exceptional.  This week....not so much.  Just 1 hit in 24 official ABs.

Adam Jones

Probably never thought you'd see the day, but Adam Jones has been among the most consistent hitters in the O's lineup.

Nick Markakis

Had a hit in each game he played this week.  Huge improvement over past weeks as his slash line returns to a more respectable level.


Felix Pie

Couple of hits and an RBI in a handful of ABs this week.  Base-running blunder and 3Ks in 4 ABs yesterday mar his week.


Nolan Reimold

Back with a bang!  Hopefully he keeps hitting the bombs.


Mark Reynolds

Surprisingly good this week with a double in 4 straight games and another home run.  K Tracker:  48


Luke Scott

Nothing exciting this week.  Not many hits (2 singles and a double) plus a 4-walk game.


Brandon Snyder

No D. Lee at first base, but did manage a couple of hits on Saturday.  Hope to see him getting into the action.

Matt Wieters

Can't help but find it funny that people still try to run on him.  How many times do we have to tell you....there are no freakin' weapons of mass destruction he's got a cannon.  Oh, that and he hit the ball like a champ this week.  Hey...that's exactly what we said last week....


Disabled List

Justin Duchscherer Pitching in simulated games.

Cesar Izturis Can't see him back this year after being placed on the 60-day DL with a nerve issue.

Derrek Lee O's will miss his glove at first base, but his hitting left something to be desired.

Brian Roberts On the "7-day DL" with "concussion-like symptoms."  Odds are, he's out much longer than 7 days.  Stop sliding head-first, Brian!