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Tuesday Bird Droppings

A Scout’s Take: Jones, Vlad, Guthrie, Markakis, Tillman -

What are the scouts saying about our boys?

Nationals Vs. Orioles Rivalry Still A Major Work In Progress - SB Nation DC

We could start would the teams being good. That could help.

Guerrero Signing Looking Good Through Two Months | Baltimore Sports Report

"I still stand by my February opinion, that signing Vlad Guerrero was the best thing the Orioles did this offseason." I'm guessing we'll have some rebuttals here.

What To Expect From The Call-Ups | Camden Crazies

A look at Nolan Reimold, Brandon Snyder, and Ryan Adams.

Shorebirds' Flacco Named SAL Player of the Week | WBOC-TV 16

Mike Flacco was named the Player of the Week in the Sally League thanks to going 17-for-29 with seven doubles. He's also reached base in fifteen straight games. Pretty impressive, but they still accidentally captioned his photo as "Joe Flacco." Poor Mike can't get any respect.

Royals-Orioles Preview |

The Royals haven't been playing so well lately. But they're throwing two lefties against the Orioles this week so they could right their ship.

With Byrd Out Indefinitely, Montanez To Be Called Up | Cubbies Crib

Lou is back in the bigs. Deal with it. 

Orioles/Royals Scouting Report | I Hate JJ Redick

IHJJR looks at the upcoming series.