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Game 51: Orioles (24-26) @ Athletics (26-27), 4:05pm

In two games out on the west coast, the Orioles have yet to record an extra-base hit. No wonder they've only managed to score a total of four runs in those two games. Sloppy fielding and bad bounces have led to a flurry of errors as well. Jet lag is really bad or something.

Zach Britton's coming out today to play the part of the stopper. Hopefully the offense helps him out some in this regard. Do you want to know something crazy? Britton's 2.35 ERA is 8th in the AL among starters. Guthrie, at 3.63, is the next Oriole and he's in 28th. I know we're still at a relatively small sample size, about ten starts, but it's impressive to me that there's so many guys who are at or below that number, in the AL, even. This might be even more Year of the Pitcher than last year.

The Athletics are throwing a guy named Guillermo Moscoso, who is making his second career start but is right-handed. Also he's made a number of relief appearances, so I'm not going to predict the no-hitter. Since it's a righty, we're seeing a slightly different lineup than we've seen the last few days. The BFF team of Felix Pie and Luke Scott are in there. How about some doubles or home runs or something, guys? That would be cool. Winning this game would also be cool. I'm not holding my breath too much though.