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Game 53: Orioles (24-28) @ Mariners (27-26), 10:10pm

I'd say that probably the last thing the Orioles need to end this losing streak is to run right up against a crafty lefty with ace potential when healthy. Unfortunately for us O's fans, that's exactly who the Orioles will be facing tonight as we see our old friend Erik Bedard. It's a much different-looking team than the one that traded Bedard in 2007. On the active roster there are only two 2007 regulars: Nick Markakis (who may as well be a different player than 2007 Nick Markakis at this point), and tonight's Orioles starter, Jeremy Guthrie.

Bedard's not having a bad season for himself, with a 3.48 ERA, although he's averaging less than six innings per start, not a shocking revelation to O's fans. He hasn't given up an earned run in his last two starts, surely helped in that cause by facing the two teams with the worst OBP in MLB (San Diego and Minnesota). The version of the O's offense that has made this trip probably should be numbered against that group of terrible offenses, especially with the power outage that's plaguing the bats in a bad way.

Naturally, this is the perfect environment for Guthrie to start in, because it means the O's aren't going to score any runs. This is familiar territory for Jeremy. Guts will be facing another one of the league's worst offenses in the Mariners. As much as the Orioles feel like they've lacked power this year, they have a slugging percentage that's 44 points higher than Seattle's. Not that this information stopped the likes of Stumblin' Jack Cust from tripling yesterday. So we arrive at another one of those games that feels like it's going to end up being a pitcher's duel. Whether this will actually happen or not is another story entirely.

Luke Scott is starting against a lefty, so just go ahead and kill me now.