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Thursday Bird Droppings

Orioles Buzz: Stacey Long: Is Adam Jones finally breaking out?

Hey, we know this byline. Stacey breaks down how hot Dr. Jones has been at the plate lately, and what it could mean.

He Walks! Vlad Guerrero Walks! - Dempsey's Army

Historical perspective on Vlad's first walk of the season. 

After First Month, Plenty of Areas for Improvement | Bleacher Report

"Perhaps most puzzling of all the Orioles struggling hitters is Nick Markakis. Markakis' average hovered around .200 for most of the entire first month of the season, while exhibiting very little power."

Steve Melewski: Another look at the offense -

Another look shows... it's still not that good.

Will Kevin Millwood Pitch For Orioles Again? - Baseball Nation

Rob Neyer: "I just don't figure how there's a place for him on the Orioles." Neither do I, Rob.

Being a famous athlete doesn’t make you an expert -

Shock of the century: Luke doesn't think the long form birth certificate is real. I feel the pain of the O's PR staffer who had to throw his body on the live hand grenade of this interview. "An Orioles employee saw me talking to Scott to make it clear that the organization doesn’t endorse his views."

Luke ailing, Hardy to Norfolk, Vlad gets day off -

Luke's shoulder is in a bad way. Maybe he could heal it with his tinfoil hat. 

Machado gets kudos from O's | The Daily Times
The Delmarva Shorebirds' Manny Machado was named the Baltimore Orioles' minor league player of the month for April. The 18-year-old shortstop hit .338 with four home runs and 18 RBIs. -duck

Shorebirds pitcher is charged with DUI | The Daily Times
Pitcher David Lee Walters was charged with DUI at the scene of a crash in the parking lot of the Brew River Restaurant & Bar around 1:59 a.m. Wednesday. Salisbury police said  officers observed a vehicle driven by the 23-year-old, after he allegedly backed into a parked car. Walters was released on signature and charged with a citation. No court date has been scheduled. -duck