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Game 30: Orioles (14-15) @ Royals (16-14), 2:10pm

You stand in a grass field ringed by walls far in the distance in each direction. An open mailbox stands in front of you with a letter inside.

> take letter

The letter reads, "What are you doing reading letters in the middle of a baseball game? Pay attention!" The mailbox suddenly disappears. You are still in the grass field. In the distance you see a small white object flying towards you.

> go north

You stand in a grass field. The nearest wall is to the north. The white object has landed not far from you and is rolling to the wall.

> go north

You stand on a dirt path next to the wall. The baseball rolls along the grass and the dirt and wedges underneath padding. You may field the baseball or raise your arms.

> raise arms

The umpire jogs out and pronounces a grounds-rule double. You receive accolades from all people who witnessed your feat of daring brilliance. You may now celebrate as you feel appropriate.

> tweet

You tweet: "my man @JArrieta34 went out in delt tonight. Smart play in the 8th. Hella crazy cause u never know what’s gonna happen. But I DID." A grue appears and devours all the haters. You bathe in the blood of the vanquished, drying yourself on the tattered scraps of their dreams.

> this is birdland