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Game 33: Rays (19-14) @ Orioles (14-18), 1:35 PM

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Here we are, folks. One game away from being swept. It's just a shame, and so typically Orioles to leave five bajillion runners on base again yesterday. If you were looking forward to another creative Eat More Esskay gamethread, I apologize. We all know that I just don't have that in me, so instead I'm going to just wish a very happy Mother's Day to my mom. She's the greatest mom a person could ask for, and she'll be at my house in less than an hour so I don't really have time to waste with you people.

Brad Bergesen has the task holding down the Rays offense while the O's attempt to score a few runs off of Wade Davis. That's...not very reassuring. Do if for your mommy, Brad!

Let's Go O's! Avoid the sweep, please!