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Birds Up, O's Down for May 2-8

Look at that power stroke!  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Look at that power stroke! (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Who's hot and who's not among the Orioles this week


Jake Arrieta

Pretty brilliant vs. Kansas City in his one start this week. Allowed just 1 run on 3 hits, while striking out 8 and walking 2. Lucky for him, the bullpen actually held the lead and Jake got his 4th win of the season.

Brad Bergesen Struggled somewhat in two starts this week. Gave up 3 ER in 5 innings during a start in Kansas City and was pulled after just over 4 innings against Tampa Bay yesterday where he was tagged for 5 runs. Now 0-4 on the season. Could the bullpen be the next home for Bergesen when a certain lefty returns or will a bus trip to Norfolk be in cards?


Zach Britton

Hurled his shortest outing of the year (5.1 innings) against Tampa Bay this week and took his second loss. Still maintaining a sub-3.00 ERA.

Justin Duchscherer

Odds on him actually pitching a game this year?

Jeremy Guthrie

Allowed more ER this week (in two starts) than he had allowed in his previous 5 starts. Didn't pitch terribly vs. Chicago and was a victim of the poor offense around him, but Tampa tagged him for 7 runs in just 5 innings.

Brian Matusz

Might be back with the team sooner rather than later. Get excited!


Chris Tillman

Got positively mauled by Kansas City this week, allowing 8 ER in 3.2 innings. Will be fighting Bergesen for the 5th spot in the rotation when Matusz returns....can't imagine he's winning.


Jeremy Accardo

Saw three innings of work this week and allowed 3 ER (one run in each inning). Picked up a blown save in one of the three appearances.

Jason Berken

Recovered a bit in his most recent outing, but gave up a run earlier in the week and took the loss.

Mike Gonzalez

Feels really weird to be giving him an up arrow, but the guy got it done this week. Four straight appearances without allowing a run have lowered his ERA from a putrid 13.50 to a still poor (but manageable) 6.75.


Kevin Gregg

Okay...we're gettin' better here. Don't look now, but he's gone almost a month without allowing a run. Figure giving him an up arrow would jinx it.

Jim Johnson

Kinda miss the days when we'd be discussing how long JJ would go without giving up a run. Those days might be a thing of the past, but he's still getting the job done on most occasions.

Clay Rapada

This guy still has creepy teeth, but his ERA is down to record low 11.12! We're moving up in the world!


Josh Rupe

Gave up a run in a 0.1 inning stint at the beginning of the week, but redeemed himself with 3.2 innings of scoreless relief after Chris Tillman exploded vs. Kansas City.


Koji Uehara

Struggling some these days, but we've seen worse. Much, much worse.

Robert Andino

He is who we thought he was. Just two hits this week knocks Andino back down to a .728 OPS.

Jake Fox

Not hitting and not catching. So what DOES he do?


Vladimir Guerrero

Actually took a few walks this week....huzzah!! Didn't provide much else this week, however.

J.J. Hardy

Rehabbing in Norfolk and could be back by the end of the week. Dreaming of an Izzy-less infield....

Cesar Izturis

Speaking of Izzy.....6 AB this week and he struck out in three of them. Somebody remind us again why he's here.....

Adam Jones

Knows the rules of baseball. That's good to see. Also had a fairly decent week at the plate with a couple of 3-hit games. Fairly decent might be pushing it, but no complaints.


Derrek Lee

Kind of up and down for Lee. Gets a hit here, doesn't get a hit there. Also loves meaningless late-in-the-game home runs. But hey, at least he's hitting them.

Nick Markakis

May or may not be breaking out of the slump. Hard to tell since he follows up a multi-hit game with an 0-fer. Did pick up 9 hits this week which is 100 percent in the right direction.


Felix Pie

Can't say he doesn't make the most of PH opportunities. A double yesterday in the 9th inning was nice. Went 0 for 4 in his only start this week.

Mark Reynolds

Striking out a ton, but is getting on base via the walk. K Tracker: 34

Brian Roberts

Took a nose dive this week with just one hit in 24 ABs.

Luke Scott

Not crushing the ball, but considering how some of the others are hitting, no complaints here. Keep up the good work.


Matt Wieters

The failed prospect had just a couple of hits this week, but made a couple of them count with 3 RBI. Robbed of a home run against Tampa by a Sam Fuld leaping grab.