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Did you win an Adam Jones bobblehead?

(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Last week's series in Kansas City offered you, loyal reader, the opportunity to win an Adam Jones bobblehead. And nearly one hundred of you answered the bell! Which is, weirdly, a little humbling to me. So I want to promise everyone that we'll host some more contests for exciting prizes as I find them around my apartment (or as we receive extras from ballpark giveaways, or so on). But enough of promises and comments, let's find out how everyone did!

Unfortunately, there were two big issues with the questions I posed to you all: for one, the Orioles got flat out-played by the Royals last week, and for two y'all are a bunch of homers. But then, maybe we should hold the Orioles up to the lofty expectation of not getting dragged out into the street with their pants down by the Kansas City Royals. The not-so-lovely answers:

1) How many wins will the Orioles take away from their set in KC? A maddening one

2) By wOBA, which Oriole will have the best offensive series? Luke Scott, the Orioles best hitter, went 4 for 12 with a homer and 2 walks to lead the impotent Orioles offense.

3) By wOBA, which Royal will have the worst offensive series? Kila Ka'aihue, who went 0-4 in his only game action on Wednesday.

4) On Tuesday, which team will surrender more hits and errors combined? Surprisingly enough, both teams put 11 runners on base before counting walks, so this goes down as a tie.

5) On Tuesday, which starting pitcher will induce more ground balls? Not surprisingly, Jeff Francis - who is more of a ground baller these days than Brad Bergesen - got one more ground ball than Bergesen.

6) On Wednesday, will Alex Gordon or Matt Wieters have more total bases? Neither player had a good series or game, but Gordon got on base on Wednesday and Wieters did not.

7) On Wednesday, will Gordon or Wieters drive in a run first? Neither had an RBI, so once again we tie.

8) On Thursday, will Bruce Chen or Chris Tillman pitch deeper into the game? Uh...yeah. The less said about this, the better. Tillman was awful and done early, Chen was not.

9) On Thursday, which starter will give up fewer runs? Uh..yeah. Chen again.

So, only one entree got every question correct, and the Adam Jones bobblehead goes to...

I'm not sure.

In my contest-hosting excitement, I failed to put in a field for contestants to give their name (though a few did anyway), so I will reveal the winner's caption for the photo above (which was our tiebreaker) and he or she will have to come forward and claim their bobblehead. If they fail to do so in a reasonable amount of time, we'll start looking at runners up.

The winning caption was: "Same time, man! Same time!"

There were many good captions (and also a terrible amount of thumb war jokes given), so let's go through some of the good ones!

"Jones: I'm too sexy for this shirt.  Too sexy for this shirt.  So sexy it huuuurts. 

Buck: Don't swing at the first pitch."

"Buck: So we shake, and then we do the fist bump?

Adam: ...white people"

"Your gum. my mouth. go."

"Nice catch, Jones.  Don't ever [...] do it again."

"no, you're doing it wrong...I'VE got YOUR nose!"

"I threw a balled-up piece of paper in the trash can and you didn't swing at it this time! Good job, Adam."

"We are merely exchanging long protein strings. If you can think of a simpler way, I'd like to hear it."

"Buck: This is what you crazy kids do now-a-days right?

Jones: Coach I just want to get some Gatorade. Can we save this for after the game?"

And hey, caption contests are really hard. And finding a decent picture of Adam Jones to caption wasn't easy either, so I'm impressed you guys turned my clunky contest into a couple of good laughs on my end. So thank you, and hopefully we can do this again real soon.