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Monday Bird Droppings

Which Orioles' reliever do you trust the most right now? -

(E) - None of the above.

Reynolds adds to O's woes with struggles at the plate -

We were promised bombs. Now, even Mark Reynolds' hometown paper is getting impatient.

Showalter's juggling act -

Average innings per start for the 2011 O's: 6.29 - Jeremy Guthrie 6.14 - Zach Britton 5.62 - Jake Arrieta 5.13 - Brad Bergesen 4.60 - Chris Tillman Bullpen is only going to get worse if this doesn't change.

Tides fall to Indianapolis 6-2 -

JJ Hardy will spend at least one more game with Norfolk. 

One Fifth of the Way into the Season, Vlad is Below Replacement - Camden Depot 

Vlad is a proven to be below average veteran.

Orioles’ Guerrero, Lee, Others Costing Team Performance Dollars - Baltimore Sports Report

Just to pick on Vlad some more, his salary vs performance create a statistical $8.4 million deficit.

 Baby Birds Roundup - Dempsey"s Army

Down on the farm, hon.

Baseball America's Jim Callis on the Orioles' Minor Leagues - Orioles Nation

If Jim Callis had to pick 3 players from the O's system to build a franchise around, he'd take Machado, Wieters and Matusz. What's your 3?