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Camdencast Episode 4: Haterade

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Andrew and I recorded another podcast before last night's game, and it's appropriate (though unfortunate) that the Orioles lost the game because our frustration in the podcast won't seem as out of place.

You can now find this podcast on iTunes! Additionally, if you search in the iTunes store, you can get us if you search for "camdencast". Subscribe and tell your friends, or something.

You can also manually subscribe to the podcast through any other feed reader of your choice by using this handy XML link. Or if you prefer to just listen to the file through your browser or download it to your hard drive yourself, you can do so here. Pick whatever is easiest for you.

Today's table of contents:

0:00-3:00 Intro and late Memorial Day-themed trivia

3:00-14:15 Greggzalez, or why you shouldn't sign relievers to multi-year contracts

14:15-24:00 Demotions of Bergesen and Tillman: who else is there to start games?

24:00-39:00 The travesty that is the offense

39:00-42:00 Trivia question answer

42:00-51:00 Stat of the podcast: Plus/minus defensive rating (Note from Andrew: I made a mistake in this segment. According to The Fielding Bible, the highest single season rating is from Adam Everett's 2006.)

51:00-End Series preview: Toronto Blue Jays

Thanks to all for your feedback and support. We hope you're still enjoying our Orioles-related rambling. We'll be back again!