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Game 54: Orioles (24-29) @ Mariners (28-26), 3:40pm

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Brian Matusz is back. Happy days are here again! I actually have no idea whether that statement is true. Matusz may be rusty and so we may continue to weep. It's also possible the Orioles offense will continue to be terrible and have no power to speak of whatsoever, which outcome seems even more likely when you consider that the Mariners starter is promising young Michael Pineda, who's having an impressive debut season - another one of those, "Holy crap, pitchers are dominating this year" is that Pineda's 2.42 ERA is 8th in the AL.

The last time Pineda faced the O's was on May 10, a game which the Orioles ultimately won in 13 innings after Kevin Gregg blew the save in the 9th inning. So it is possible for the O's to win when Pineda starts, although beating Pineda on a disastrous 0-for-the-west-coast streak is uncharted territory. This team is depressing sometimes. Fortunately you are here with your group therapy pals and we can all be miserable together. Although probably with a little less drinking today since it's an afternoon game.

We have something interesting to talk about with the lineup today because Nick Markakis is playing first base. I don't know why Nick Markakis is playing first base. It is strange. It is also sad because I see that and the first thing I think is, "Well, at least we won't have to see him make any ugly throws from the outfield today." This year's version of Nick Markakis doesn't exactly fit the typical offensive profile you would want from a first baseman, what with his .324 slugging percentage. That's not a typo.

Felix Pie is leading off again, which, not unlike Quantum formula, leaves me asking why?

After last night's loss, I think the candle of hope I have for the 2011 season is flickering and on the verge of going out. Can we please freaking win a game on the west coast so my soul stops being crushed by all the losing? Thanks a bunch, O's.