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Rumor: Orioles interested in Bill Hall

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Per Ken Rosenthal (h/t to Hardball Talk), the Orioles, Nationals, and Yankees have expressed interested in utility infielder Bill Hall. Recently released by the Astros, Hall is a career below average hitter who had a few good years with Milwaukee in 2005ish. I have no personal observations on his defense, but various stats say that he's nothing special.

From Rosenthal:

The Orioles’ interest stems from their uncertainty over second baseman Brian Roberts, who is on the disabled list with concussion-like symptoms.

Hall wouldn't cost the O's more than the league minimum, so the question is whether or not he'll help the team. Can Bill Hall provide more value to the O's than Robert Andino and Ryan Adams? I don't think that he can, and the fact that he is thirty-one years old and provides no future value to the Orioles makes the idea of this a head scratcher. He's four years older than Andino and seven years older than Adams, and I'm loath to take opportunities away from either of them in favor of Hall.