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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Oh, Felix...
Oh, Felix...

Well, last night stunk. Nice to see Reynolds continue his bashing, but I could do without the bullpen antics and defensive misadventures.

Orioles Insider: One out away from .500 and five-game winning streak, Orioles fall in 11 ...and there you have it.

Brooks releases statement about health | News
Britt's got the latest on Brooksy and the Duke.

Steve Melewski: Mike Devereaux talks about Jonathan Schoop
More good stuff on Schoop, he went ahead and had a rotten day at the office.

Daisuke Matsuzaka underwent Tommy John surgery Friday | HardballTalk
So, the marginal men of AL East rotations are dropping like flies...maybe the Orioles can help!

Is Latin talent overpriced? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Interesting piece from Camden Depot's Jon Shepherd.

2010 Rule 5 Drafted Pitchers in the Majors: Pitch Analysis - Beyond the Box Score
Is Pedro Beato another one that got away?

2011: The year that evil became stupid?
Orioles ticket fees have actually declined in the last few years.

June 12 - BR Bullpen Cal moved into second on the all time list for consecutive games played. Also, Dave Skaggs and Damon Buford celebrate birthdays today.