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Monday Bird Droppings

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School of Roch: No game, no pain - MASN
"Reynolds has gone on a home run binge, which can serve as a handy distraction from the defensive miscues. Pie is an extra outfielder, not a part of the everyday lineup. But Matusz was supposed to be the No. 2 starter and a budding ace. His velocity and command haven't returned. It's a process, but Showalter said he expected Matusz to be farther along after the left-hander's stay at extended spring training, four minor league rehab starts and three major league outings. Showalter didn't commit to giving Matusz another start this week. Could he be headed back to the disabled list? To Triple-A Norfolk?"

Steve Melewski: No June swoon for Reynolds - MASN
"After starting June hitless in five at-bats in the month's first two games, he is 8-for-24 with five homers and 11 RBIs. His June OPS is 1.244 after he picked up his first two-homer game as an Oriole last night. It was his 10th career two-homer game. After picking up five hits, three of them homers, over the last three games, Reynolds is now batting .205. This is his highest average since he was at .212 on April 19."

Matusz, Pie, defense -
"With Derrek Lee returning Tuesday and Luke Scott moving back to left field, it’s real hard to foresee Pie getting much playing time going forward barring an injury to an outfielder. It will be interesting if the Orioles trade Pie before the July 31 trade deadline."

Orioles to lighten rookie LHP Britton's workload -
"Showalter says he wants to conserve Britton, who already has thrown 82 innings and has never pitched more than 154 since being drafted in 2006. Showalter says, 'We have X number of innings we want Zach to pitch. We don't want to shut him down in August.'"

Five Keys to Watch in Frederick - Camden Depot
"Of interest to me this morning is the fact that Baltimore has announced that they have come to terms with 5th Rounder Matt Taylor (lhp, Middle Georgia Coll.). While it isn't uncommon for a 5th Rounder to sign this quickly, the fact that Baltimore is inking a JuCo player to a slot deal in the early rounds is solid news."

Evaluating catchers: Quantifying the framing pitches skill - Hardball Times

"According to the analysis presented here, the best catchers at framing pitches can add something like one or two wins per season, which is the equivalent of trading Alex Rodriguez's 2010 bat (.270/.341/.506, 30 HR, 125 RBI, 19 runs above replacement) with Alex Rios' lumber in the same year (.284/.334/.457, 11 HR, 45 RBI, nine runs above replacement)." The number could even be a conservative estimate. In fact, as soon as a pitcher realizes his catcher gives him an edge on borderline pitches, he should immediately begin to exploit the advantage. If the magnitude of the framing effect measured in this study is confirmed, major league teams should not neglect this factor when they go hunting for a catcher in the market, especially those with pitching staffs that make their living on the black."