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Birds Up, O's Down for June 6-12

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Jake Arrieta eats Rays for breakfast.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Jake Arrieta eats Rays for breakfast. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Who's hot and who's not for the Baltimore Orioles.


Jake Arrieta Brilliant in one start this week vs. Tampa Bay. Took a no-hitter into the sixth inning (blame Jim Palmer for wrecking that one) and ended the night with 7 innings pitched, 4Ks, 0ER, and just 2H.

Zach Britton Rebounded from several shaky starts with a gem against Oakland. Allowed 4 hits and an earned run over 6.1 innings (also notched 6Ks). Pulled after just 79 pitches (likely due to the insane humidity), but a great start nonetheless.


Jeremy Guthrie Some what shaky in his one start this week, allowing 8 hits and 3ER. Evan Longoria had his number, but Guts still left his team in perfect position to win the game.

Chris Jakubauskas Picked up a spot start and performed admirably, allowing only 3 hits over 5IP. Apparently that was good enough to keep him around a little bit longer, as he'll get the nod in tomorrow's game.

Brian Matusz Somebody teach this guy how to hold a runner. Started the week with an okay start against Oakland (allowed just 2 runs, but gave up 7 hits over 5.1IP) and followed up with disaster against Tampa. Knocked around for 4 runs and didn't make it out of the second inning. Maybe its that ridiculous thing he calls facial hair.

Jeremy Accardo Four innings pitched and three earn runs allowed. Ouch. Took the loss in extras against Tampa on Saturday and followed it up yesterday by allowing a home run (although that wasn't really his fault).

Mike Gonzalez Oh...he's still here? Ahh....didn't notice. Or maybe tried not to notice.

Kevin Gregg Just another blown save. Still more walks than Jeremy Guthrie.

Jim Johnson Got the blown save on Saturday after allowing a run that wasn't his fault. Also allowed a run to score vs. Oakland, but still gets an up arrow for being one of the few bright spots in this bullpen.

Clay Rapada Gets an up-arrow for pitching a full inning without allowing a run. Rarely sees game action seeing as though he can't get righties out.


Alfredo Simon Seeing mostly long relief and not doing a horrible job. Only saw one appearance this week and allowed just 1 ER over 4.2 innings.

Koji Uehara Remember those bright spots I mentioned with Jim Johnson? Yea....this guy's the other one.

Ryan Adams Not really getting the opportunities, but not really doing anything with the opportunities he does get.

Robert Andino Actually providing some value. Not crushing the ball, but getting some hits and filling in at multiple positions.


Vladimir Guerrero Vladdy G: Singles Machine. Although he did hit a homer this week.

J.J. Hardy Hitting leadoff seems to agree with James Jerry. Hit home runs in the first AB of his first two career leadoff appearances and probably should have had another if that darned fan actually tried to catch it it hadn't been for that meddling outfielder. Average is up to .287 and the OPS to .836.

Adam Jones Gettin' the hits, but what the heck happened on that inside-the-parker??


Derrek Lee
Couple of hits before heading to the bereavement list.

Nick Markakis We're getting there. Starting to rebound from that disgusting slump with some hits, including his first XBH in 89 ABs (which happened to be a grand slam if you decided to go for a smoke instead of watching his AB). Still lots of lazy fly balls, but hey, improvement is improvement. Let's keep it going.

Felix Pie What would you say ya do here? Yea...I had a hard time answering that one here, too.

Nolan Reimold Did not have a hit all week.

Mark Reynolds We asked for more bombs. Mark delivered. He added three more this week including his first multi-homer game as an Oriole. That'll play. His defense, however, will not. Hopefully the forearm contusion won't keep him out of the lineup long, but it couldn't hurt for a few days to work on that D (14 errors). K Tracker: 65

Luke Scott
Decent week at the plate for Luke. Delivered 2 homers, added a double and a stolen base.


Brandon Snyder Silky D's return to the lineup likely means Not-So-Silky D is headed back to Norfolk.


Craig Tatum He definitely isn't SHJ when it comes to throwing guys out.

Matt Wieters Decent batting line this week has his average closing in on .280. Would love to see more power, but can't complain about the effort.