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Father's Day Contest - Win an Orioles World Series DVD!

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Update! I've added a layer to the contest. See the bold sentence in the third paragraph.

Father's Day is this Sunday, July 19th, and as many of us learned to love the Orioles with a little help from dear old Dad, a contest to celebrate that fact seems to be in order.

The prize for this contest is a copy of A&E's Baltimore Orioles Vintage World Series Film DVD. There will be three winners drawn at random from every person who enters the contest. The DVD is really cool, I bought it for my grandfather for Father's Day a few years ago. It features highlights from all three Orioles World Series victories against the Dodgers, Reds, and Phillies. My grandfather remembers all of those World Series and I remember none, so it was fun to watch with him and see things I'd only heard about before.

So, how do you enter? Easy. Just post in the comments of this thread something about you and your father that relates to Orioles baseball. It can be a story about the time he took you to your first baseball game, a picture of you and your dad at Memorial Stadium, anything. Or, if you are a father, you can also tell us about something that has to do with your kid and the Orioles. I'll be using some (and possibly all) of the entries for a story that I'll post on Father's Day, so make them good.

The contest will close at 5 p.m. on this Friday, June 17th. The three winners will be randomly selected and announced on Sunday at the beginning of my Father's Day article. I'll create a widget on the sidebar for this contest for easy access since it'll be pushed down the page throughout the week.

So get to it! I want to hear some stories or something!