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Game 64: Orioles (30-33) @ Blue Jays (32-34), 7:07pm

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In the 2010 season, en route to a 3-15 overall record against the Blue Jays, the Orioles went 0-for-Toronto. Pre-Buck, post-Buck, it didn't matter: every game played in Canada was a loss. There were shutouts. There were games where Kevin Millwood sucked. There were games where Corey Patterson batted leadoff and the backup second baseman batted second. There were extra innings losses and Chris Tillman disasters and even one game where Kevin Gregg entered to record a three-run save, only he gave up two hits and a walk and he was yanked before he could cough up the lead.

It didn't matter what day it was, who was pitching or who was playing in the field. Crossing the world's longest open border was a route to disaster for the Orioles. Of those nine losses, only one was a one-run game. The 2010 Orioles were bad at everything but they were especially bad in Toronto.

Stopping that streak of futility will take a good effort from spot starter Chris Jakubauskas. Let me give you a second to go cry. Okay. Jack O'Boskie wasn't the originally scheduled starter for this date, but Zach Britton was pushed back, ostensibly for two reasons: one, by skipping days here and there, Britton's innings limit for the season will take longer to be reached; and two, because the Blue Jays hit left-handers way better than they do right-handers. Be that as it may, it's tough to imagine Jakubauskas faring well against the power-hitting Jays. Then again, his performance against Oakland was also unexpected. If he can flash some of that, he might be able to do well enough that we won't want to cover our eyes.

Starting for Toronto is Carlos Villanueva, who began the season in the bullpen. He has a 4.84 ERA in the four starts since joining the rotation, but has a 3-0 record in that time. That includes a 5.1 IP, 2 ER effort against the O's on June 3, when the Blue Jays teed off on Britton. So that's probably a third reason why Britton isn't starting again until the Nats series this weekend.

Derrek Lee is back from bereavement leave, which should at least mean that the clown show at first base is over with. There's no doubt the Silky D glove was missed. J.J. Hardy (team-best .363 OBP) is still leadoff, which is good. Nick Markakis (now sporting a sub-.300 OBP) is still batting second, which is not. But hey, one fight at a time. Go O's!