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Free cupcakes!!

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Are you just really into cupcakes right now? Will you be heading down to our nation's capital for the weekend series between the Orioles and the Nationals? If so, stop into Sprinkles Cupcakes at 3015 M Street NW in Georgetown. From Friday through Sunday, anyone who goes into Sprinkles wearing either Nationals or Orioles team apparel will get a free cupcake. Not a bad deal, and look at how cute these cupcakes are.

Even cooler, whichever team has the most representation this weekend will earn another free cupcake day on June 21st. It's a pretty neat promotion, even if the Nationals do have a leg up in this particular competition (but they don't have many advantages in this "rivalry" so I'll give it to them without complaint).

I'm passing this information along because it's fun, although sadly Sprinkles Cupcakes did not offer me any delicious Orioles cupcakes as compensation. Maybe next time.