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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Orioles Buzz: Heath Bintliff: Time to lock up J.J. Hardy - MASN

"Just blow him away with an offer. $8-10 million per year over the next three seasons should look pretty good to the guy. Does this seem like a lot of money to give to an injury prone guy? Yes. But he is a rare player these days, a shortstop who can legitimately field and hit. I mean, if you can throw around $8 million a season to a guy like Mike Gonzalez or $10 million a season to a Kevin Gregg, does it really seem so risky? I think we can find relievers much easier than solid starting shortstops."

Should Dylan Bundy get a Major League deal? - Camden Depot
"Much has been written about Bundy, and a few minutes of "Googling" will reveal a common sentiment that Bundy is generally as advanced as the college arms in the class, and thus could move very quickly through the minors. In presenting my best guess as to the final deal, I stated that the primary sticking point will likely be whether or not Baltimore gives him a Major League deal. My colleague took the opposite stance, stating they'll have no issue doing as much, and would be right to do so."

Orioles Insider: A little more on the Orioles' pitching coach carousel - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards -
"There are two ways to look at the Orioles’ pitching coach carousel. 1. How can you expect a staff to be consistent when there is so much turnover with its direct supervisor? 2. These pitchers are professionals. They can use a little direction, some words of encouragement at times, but if they have made it this far, it is their talent and mindset more than any pro-level coaching."

 Unveiling the Orioles' fan-selected all-time lineup - MASN
Count me surprised by Paul Blair in CF.

Examining the Baltimore Orioles' pitching problems - ESPN
I am not an "insider", so I cannot clip this, but I thought I'd throw this Buster Olney piece on Brian Matusz's recent struggles in here anyway.