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Friday Bird Droppings

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O's win, finally.
O's win, finally.

Father's Day Contest - Win an Orioles World Series DVD!
Today is the last day to enter our Father's Day Contest. Get to it!

Guthrie expected to see Dr. Wilckens and have MRI Friday (updated) | Orioles Insider
It doesn't sound good for Guthrie. He'll have an MRI today, says he couldn't have thrown one more pitch yesterday, and that he's never felt like this before.

Guerrero going to the bench (Viola joining team) | School of Roch
Thankfully, Vladimir Guerrero won't be playing the field in the NL parks. And just in case Guthrie has to go on the DL, Pedro Viola will be with the team and ready to take his roster spot.

Updating Townsend and Mummey | Steve Melewski:
Tyler Townsend and Trent Mummey were both injured on June 8th. Townsend could return by the end of June but Mummey will take longer.

Series Preview: O’s @ Nats | Baltimore Sports Report
The Nats are hot, the O's are not. For a more thorough series preview, read this.

Realignment: A Good Idea, Much Needed | The Loss Column
TLC takes on the issue of realignment as well as the lack of a salary cap in baseball.

Q&A with Kevin Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus | Orioles Hangout
Kevin Goldstein talks Dan Klein, Trent Mummey, Josh Bell, and more.

Are the Giants, Orioles possible trade partners? | Through The Fence Baseball
This Rangers blogger wonders if the the Orioles be interested in trading Koji Uehara or Jim Johnson for Chris Davis. He also likes Guthrie, obvi.

Jonathan Schoop, 2011 Bowman Prospects #BP25 | Orioles Card "O" the Day

Effusive Praise of JJ Hardy | Camden Crazies
Daniel also hearts JJ