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Camdencast Episode 5: The Draft Recap

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Andrew and I were joined for a podcast recording last night by CC's resident miser and draft guru, James F. This was our first foray into having more than two people in the conversation and now that we (meaning I) have the technical kinks somewhat figured out it should be a more regular occurrence. It turns out that three people have a lot more to say than two people.

Camdencast can be found on iTunes, or you can just search in the store for "camdencast", so be sure to subscribe and tell all your friends for automatic updates.

You can manually subscribe to the podcast through any other reader of your choice using the XML link, or you can even just listen through the browser if you want because the file can be found right here.

Today's rundown:

0:00-9:00 Drafting of Bundy vs. Rendon, and pitchers vs. position players in draft

9:00-15:30 O's use of 40-man roster, and other "conservative" mindsets

15:30-28:45 Supplemental round and rounds 2-10

28:45-46:00 Scouting for the O's and whether they seek Keri's "extra 2%"

46:00-55:00 The "second wave" of MacPhail/Jordan prospects

55:00-1:14:00 James says trade almost anyone and start over

1h14m-End Final thoughts


Thanks for all the feedback and support. We'll be back again!