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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Yesterday was a disappointing day for our Birds in the nation's capital, but today is a new day.  Yes, a gray one, but, hey.  Today, the unpronounceables square off to cap off this season's so-called Battle of the Beltways.  Presuming rain doesn't ruin everything, I'm headed to the park for some baseball today.

Happy Father's Day, folks.

And now, clips.

School of Roch: Matusz and Scott talk about their injuries Doesn't sound all that bad.  I'll let you read between the lines and sort out the bravado.

Guthrie day-to-day, could be OK for next start | News
Guts also appears to be in the "not all that bad" camp, but we shall see, I suppose.

Amber Theoharis: Left wondering why O's pitchers can't hold runners on base
Amber!  FTW!

Schmuck column: Orioles' season going downhill in a hurry - The Schmucker sounds the alarm bell.  If nothing else, a loss for the PR team.

June 19 - BR Bullpen On this day last year, The Mentor got off the schneid with the help of the Sauce.

Oriole birthdays for Val Majewski, Bruce Chen and Willis Roberts.