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Game 69: Orioles (31-37) @ Nationals (35-36), 1:35pm

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We're in one of those stretches of Orioles baseball with which we are sadly all too familiar, where different things are going wrong on a daily or nightly basis. You can't lay the aggregate blame for losing six of seven games on any one player, or even area of the team. This is Orioles Tragic, and you never know who's gonna hear the call. Every game has a different goat. It could be anybody. Starters, offense, defense, relievers.

So, in desperate need of a win, the Orioles' starter is Chris Jakubauskas. I hope you didn't just lose your breakfast or lunch at the thought. Nothing against Jack O'Boskie, but he doesn't exactly scream "stopper". Then again, right now nobody on the team is a stopper, which is probably why the O's have lost six of seven.

Normally I'd make a snide joke about the forfeit lineup being deployed since Craig Tatum's starting. But Matt Wieters has had a tough series from the cleanup spot and he was due for an off day anyway. So instead our cleanup hitter today is... Derrek Lee? Well, he's 7-for-9 in this series, with two doubles, although for all those times on base other hitters have only driven him in to score once. Let's see, an NL player comes over to the AL and has two months of below expectations (if not entirely awful) performance, and then interleague play comes around and he lights the world on fire. What do you suppose that says about the quality of the National League?

On the other hand, the best that the O's can manage is a 3-3 split with the Nats if they win today, so let's not ask what that says about the Orioles. Besides, we already know.

Starting for the Nationals is Tom Gorzelanny. He has a career 4.64 ERA. I smell no-hitter.

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads in Birdland, especially mine.