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Monday Bird Droppings

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Who should be the Orioles' All-Star? -
"By Sunday, we’ll know which player will represent the Orioles in this year’s All-Star Game. The players and manager Buck Showalter filled out their ballots this weekend, and Showalter made a point to say he thought the club had several worthy options. He said he expects Texas manager Ron Washington, who will pick the final roster, to call before the week is out to get a better feel of the Orioles’ candidates. They have already talked briefly."

For Nats’ Davey Johnson, the time was right to manage again - The Washington Post
" "The guy’s a fantastic manager," said Rick Dempsey, who served as Johnson’s bullpen coach in Los Angeles and now works as an Orioles broadcaster. "Watch and see. Not that Riggleman didn’t do a great job, but they’ll take off with Davey. There’s something special about him. He has an intuition that not too many managers have, when to be creative and when to go against the book. He has a strength about him."

Reynolds on his offense and defense against Cincinnati - MASN
"I was real surprised last night. In April and May some of those balls would be caught at the track." he said. "It's really starting to carry here lately. Hopefully we can keep this nice weather going and keep hitting some balls in the air."

Identifying the Streakiest Teams in MLB - Beyond the Box Score
Our O's take home the bronze in this category.

O's Showing Signs of Improvement with International Talent - Orioles Nation

"Two years ago it seemed as if the Orioles had made strides as they gathered enough international players to field two Dominican Summer League teams. But prior to the 2011 season they returned to fielding just one DSL team." While the loss of a DSL team is discouraging at a time when such great emphasis is being put on the Orioles’ international efforts, they are finally starting to show signs of life.