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Birds Up, O's Down for June 20-26

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Who's hot and who's not for the Baltimore Orioles:



Jake Arrieta One of his shorter outings of the year due to the National League rules.  Got the win, but was about average.  Dealing with some elbow inflammation now as a result of a bone chip in his elbow that he should have just had fixed already.

Zach Britton Allowed a number of hits in his one start this week, but was terrorized by poor defense and infield hits which would tarnish an otherwise good outing.  Also added a few hits to his name.


Jeremy Guthrie Says he's 100 percent, but the back might be giving him a few problems.  Yesterday's start was improvement over the last, but he issued a season-high 4 walks.

Chris Jakubauskas Might not deserve the up arrow, but he's been very, very consistent in his starts.  Goes about 5 innings each time and allows 3 ER.  Nothing special by any means, but at least its decent.

Brian Matusz Sigh.

Brad Bergesen Was positively mauled in his two outings this week.  Seven earned runs over 4.1 IP isn't going to get it done, especially when your offense isn't exactly cranking on all cylinders.

Jason Berken Allowed the tying run in a game the O's would eventually win, but was decent overall this week.  Three IP and 1 ER. 

Mike Gonzalez Seems crazy to type this, but the guy didn't allow a run all week (3.1 IP).


Kevin Gregg Allowed a run to score, but still got the save.  Clean sheets over his two other non-save opportunities.


Jim Johnson No earned runs to his name, but was uncharacteristically wild in Sunday's game.  Got squeezed a bunch by the umpire (even more apparent because the strike zone was so large early in the game), but still walked two and added two runs to Guts' line.


Clay Rapada Two appearances, one out.

Koji Uehara K-K-K-K-K-K-Koji.....strikeout master.

Robert Andino Can't hit.....but you knew that already.

Blake Davis Defense 100 percent cost the Orioles the game in his first start, but he settled down for the next two and was actually a positive asset at the bottom of the lineup.

Vladimir Guerrero Didn't do much of anything this week.  Sat out in the Pittsburgh series with the NL rules and returned to the lineup Friday only to provide little.

J.J. Hardy You won't find him atop the AL SS list because of his previous injury, but his 149 OPS+ has him as the best offensive SS in the American League.  Not bad for Jim Hoey and some other guy you probably hadn't heard of anyways.

Adam Jones Added a couple of homers this week to bring him one behind Mark "E5" Reynolds for the team lead.

Derrek Lee D. Lee just loves that NL pitching.  Added two home runs this week.

Nick Markakis Nicky has quietly added 41 points to his BA and 88 points to his OPS over a 16 game hitting streak.  He looks to be swinging at better pitches (some could argue its still not the same good swing we've seen from him in previous seasons) and is getting the hits.  Two big RBI hits yesterday, both coming with two outs.

Felix Pie Hitless in seven ABs.  Still more ABs than Nolan got.


Nolan Reimold How the heck did this guy go a whole week without getting an AB?  Is he injured?  Did he piss somebody off?

Mark Reynolds We seem to have come to the consensus that his hitting makes up for his horrid defense.  It'll be interesting to see if he ends the season with more homers or errors.  As of now....point:  errors.  K Tracker:  78


Luke Scott Hit a homer yesterday which is always nice (trade him while he has value!), but the decision to consistently start him over Nolan is baffling.


Craig Tatum Another Tatum start and another win for the O's.  Not that he really does anything to help them win, although he did lay down a pretty nice sac bunt yesterday.

Matt Wieters Trying to think of a legitimate reason why he shouldn't make the AS team and nothing comes to mind.  Hitting is still rather inconsistent, but the defense is great.