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Cardinals 5, Orioles 1: Sigh

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At least it looks like everyone is having fun.
At least it looks like everyone is having fun.

So here's the story: Chris Jakubauskas wasn't good and Chris Carpenter was. The Cardinals offense did mean things to Jakubauskas while the Orioles offense rolled over and played dead. The only bright spots to the entire game were Brad Bergesen's three perfect innings in relief and Nick Markakis' two hits. 

Not much else to say, really. Carpenter pitched a complete game, allowing just one run. It was the result of a J.J. Hardy single and a Markakis double, but other than that, bupkis. 

The Orioles will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow, and the Cardinals have announced that the starter will not be the kinda crappy Jake Westbrook, but rather lefty Jaime Garcia, he of the 3.06 ERA. If I were a betting lady, I'd bet on the sweep. But hey, at least we might get to see Nolan Reimold. He's only allowed to hit against lefties, you know. 

Sometimes I hate this team.