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Friday Bird Droppings

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Twins, Cubs, Mets, Rockies among Snakebitten Six teams - Jon Heyman -

To the surprise of no one, we are among the Snakebitten Six as well.

Albert Pujols, Carl Crawford part of All-Disappointment team - Joe Sheehan -

Another Sports Illustrated list, another dubious honor - this one for Nick Markakis.

Vlad is Teflon. There's Nothing to be Done - Dempsey's Army

"Many people think Vlad is having a fine season and is just peachy. It's the great Orange and Black swindle of 2011."

Pirates' Paul Maholm Looking For Some Luck | Baseball Nation

Rob Neyer reminds the world that Jeremy Guthrie can't catch a break.

Orioles Buzz: Stacey Long: Talented starting pitchers deserve some offensive support

This is Stacey's latest post for MASN. You like Stacey. You should read it.

Steve Melewski: Will Buck Showalter have input in the Orioles' draft? - MASN
Jim Callis says "[Buck] was part of the draft room in Texas and in Arizona. A lot of teams feel like Buck will be part of the draft room in Baltimore, too, and that he may want a bigger, college horse that might get there quicker. I think (high school pitcher Dylan) Bundy is going to get there quick for a high school guy. I know some teams think when push comes to shove, that Buck might push for a college pitcher."

Must see: Adam Jones evokes Willie Mays with over-shoulder catch - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Some love (which he apparently has time for now) for Dr. Jones.