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Birdland Day GameThread: Cards (43-38) @ Orioles (35-42), 7:05pm

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(Thanks to dayzd toe.)

This date two years ago was the inaugural Birdland Day. You may otherwise remember the game as the one where the Orioles came back from a 10-1 deficit to record an 11-10 win over Boston. Those of us who were here, or there, on that night will certainly never forget it. You can re-live the rage and the jubilation, if you like: part one (the bad parts plus the rain delay), and part two (the awesome parts). It turns out the home plate umpire was really garbage that night.

That night was as Birdland as Birdland gets, at least until we actually see the O's in the playoffs again some day. I suspect it has a large part to do with the irrational optimism I discussed recently. If that sad-sack lot of baseball players, under the direction of Diamond Dave Trembley, could pull off that victory on that night, then surely anything is possible on any given night. Same logic behind how the O's took a four game sweep in Texas last July. That team was so bad, guys. We forget how bad they were because it hurts too much, but they were bad. And as bad as they were they swept four games from the eventual American League champions.

Often, as we well know, the Orioles are on the wrong side of that set of infinite possibilities, because while the possibilities are infinite, a hell of a lot of them suck. Some of them are awesome, though. Today is our day to remember all of the awesome ones. The power of Birdland Day was so great last year that even the 2010 Orioles were victorious: a 3-0 lead turned into a 6-3 deficit because Kevin Millwood sucks (of course), but the O's homered three times off the Oakland bullpen (including two with a man on base - what a concept!) to turn it into a 9-6 victory.

May the 2011 team continue to honor this holy date and not besmirch its honor.

"And when the great torment subsideth, the heroes shall emergeth from the mists, and yea, though they might faceth the most grim of deficits, they shall perservere and they shall triumph, and their names never be forgotten as their voices ring out through the long years of history, crying:

This is Birdland, baby. Deal with it."

- Scroll unearthed during construction of Howard Street tunnel, 1890