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Cardinals 9, Orioles 6: Swept

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So that game wasn't fun, was it? Way to spit on Birdland Day, Orioles

Brian Matusz is not good. Something is terribly wrong with him. Buck Showalter said in his press conference that he doesn't believe that Matusz is hurt, but he can't say 100%, he can only go on what Matusz and the trainers are telling him. Whatever the case, Matusz has been tripled to AAA Norfolk. 

If you missed the game, good on you. Matusz pitched 3.1 innings and gave up 8 runs on 9 hits. It was ugly, ugly stuff. I can't really bring myself to write a proper recap because Matusz has so thoroughly bummed me out. I hope that he can get himself straightened out in Norfolk and come back as the Matusz we loved in 2010. 

The Orioles got a lot of hits tonight, but also hit into a whopping five double plays. Good job, jerks! Their six runs were courtesy of Mark Reynolds, who hit a two-run home run, and Nolan Reimold, who had a three-run homer and an RBI single. 

Let's talk about Nolan Reimold for a second. The citizens of Birdland have been clamoring for him to get at bats for awhile now. Tonight was his first start since June 19th, and he went 2-for-4. He homered, he singled, he got the job done. And unlike Luke Scott, he can throw the ball in from left field. 

On one hand I love that Nolan came out and had a good night. But on the other, it absolutely infuriates me that he's been on the bench as long as he has. The Orioles are not set to face a left-handed pitcher in Atlanta or in their first game against the Rangers on Monday. I have no reason to believe Nolan Reimold will do anything but sit against those four starters, and I expect to be even more annoyed when that happens.

At least we won't have to see Vlad in Atlanta either.