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Game 57: Blue Jays (29-29) @ Orioles (26-30), 1:35pm

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A go-ahead grand slam leaves you feeling good for a day, but it won't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world if the Orioles aren't able to follow it up with another win today to take the series victory against the Blue Jays, a team that plagued them more than any other last year.

The opposing starter in today's tilt is Jo-Jo Reyes, who is coming off having tied the major league record for consecutive starts without recording a win, at 28 games. Reyes snapped that streak in his last start, going for a complete game with only one surrendered. Looking at his stats, it's not surprising why he had such a long streak like that: in 254.2 career major league innings he has a 5.87 ERA. So it's not like he's one of those pitchers his team hates. He just hasn't been very good. Entering today he has a 4.15 ERA on the season with a number of real clunker starts. Hopefully we give him another one today.

Speaking of pitchers who are hated by their team, the Orioles starter is Jeremy Guthrie. Guts is our rock even though we never give him any run support, or have terrible bullpen outings behind him. He has one of the lowest walk rates in the majors for starters and he's pretty much the man in every way possible except for all the home runs, but we've had plenty of time to accept that about him and we love him anyway. Watch out for Jose Bautista, Jeremy. I hear he's good at hitting home runs or something.

Can we talk about the lineup for a minute? It's really time to do some juggling. This incarnation of Nick Markakis just can't be batting second any more. Although with the way most of the team is hitting there's not really anywhere good to stash most of these guys. Still, if it was up to me, I think I might do something a little crazy like try Nolan Reimold leadoff and bat J.J. Hardy second.

A win today would bring the Orioles back within three games of .500. One step at a time. Go O's!