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Draft Day Thread

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Well, the day is upon us. Major League Baseball will conduct the beginning of the Rule IV Draft today, and the Orioles will make the fourth overall pick.

As is fairly typical, the rumors are flying fast and furious as I write this. The latest is that the possibility is emerging that Arizona will select Dylan Bundy with the third pick, with the result being that the Orioles may either end up selecting Danny Hultzen of Virginia (who cannot of hurt his case with a dominant performance the day before the draft) or Archie Bradley, who like Bundy is a prep player from Oklahoma.

It is hard to know how much truth there is to any of these reports, and we will know soon enough what will happen. It does seem that the Orioles have narrowed their possibilities down to Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, Bundy, Hultzen, Archie Bradley, and Trevor Bauer. For the Orioles to select someone other than those six would be a shocking development. It will also be surprising to me if the Orioles select anyone other than Cole, Rendon, Bundy or Hultzen, but the possibility that Bradley or Bauer will be the choice cannot be ruled out. My belief is that the Orioles will select Bradley or Bauer only if both Cole and Bundy are selected ahead of them; it is possible that the Orioles will pass on Hultzen or on Rendon.

I will be at work and unfortunately won't be able to watch or comment on the draft as it happens. But use this thread to share your thoughts on the latest news as the draft finally happens!

Edit by Stacey:

Just for fun, here are links to a number of mock drafts:

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