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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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The Orioles big league club won a game last night. The recap is here:

Orioles draft Dylan Bundy, celebrate with nine singles and a win - Camden Chat
But the big news of the night was all draft, all the time.

Jordan on Bundy: "He told me, 'I want to be drafted by the Orioles' " - MASN
"We have work to do to get a contract and we understand that but this kid looked me right in the eye and said 'Joe I want to be drafted by the Orioles and I want to pitch in a major league rotation with my brother.' We'll pay him a lot of money, but he's worth a lot of money. I believe the sincerity in that kid's face when he told me that. I think we're in good shape," Jordan said.

Cup of jO's: Recapping Day 1 of the Draft - Camden Depot
"I personally am disappointed with Dylan Bundy because I see better options."

Camden Depot: 2011 Depot Draft Preview - Finding 1:4 (Dylan Bundy)
Here is a look at Nick Faleris' scouting report on Dylan Bundy. Get to know the new kid!

School of Roch: Showalter speaks after 4-2 win - MASN
"We're real excited about getting the Bundy family, having our family of Bundys grow. I should've put that differently. It reminds me of the Steinbrenner story. We kept drafting the wrong brother for years. We drafted Ozzie Canseco, we drafted Jose, I'll give you about 10 of them. He finally told the scouts, 'Just draft the whole family, keep you guys from screwing up.' So, does he have any brothers? I bet he has a sister who can play, too. Take her. But we're getting a package deal. I'm excited."

Dylan Bundy talking about Dylan Bundy -
"I think I am going to continue to do all of my workouts this summer until hopefully us and the Orioles work out a deal. And I am going to work with the Orioles and let them have their opinion on my workout and see what they think about them. I do a punching bag routine that everybody can look up on YouTube. I like to do a long toss. Everybody likes to say I like to do long toss, but I mean I only do it once or twice a week and it is not 500 feet."

Also, this happened:

Frank Robinson honored at with Hank Greenberg Achievement Award - WXYZ
DETROIT - "Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Robinson received the 2011 Hank Greenberg Achievement Award at the annual golf outing hosted by Oakland Hills Country Club."