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Game 60: Athletics (27-35) @ Orioles (28-31), 7:05pm

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Yesterday, Adam Jones told us: "Winning takes care of everything."
Yesterday, Adam Jones told us: "Winning takes care of everything."

After the Orioles' pathetic performance out west, did you really imagine we might sweep the Athletics when they came back into Baltimore? I didn't see it happening. Yet with a win tonight that's just what the O's can do. For Oakland, that would represent a disappointing reminder that in the AL East they play a different brand of baseball.

Spearheading the Orioles' hopes of victory is Zach Britton, who is coming off two rough starts in a row. His season ERA is up to 3.33, and against these same A's he gave up six runs in 5.2 IP on May 29. In that start, he gave up more fly balls than ground balls, which is usually a bad sign for a sinker ball pitcher. It's seemed like the league has started to adjust to Zach and it's going to be up to him to re-adjust to get back on top. I feel good about his chances in the long run, although I have no idea whether the turnaround will begin tonight.

Oakland's starter is Josh Outman. You may remember him from that game where he walked five and gave up six hits over six innings against the Orioles, but only surrendered two runs. The Orioles managed to leave ten men on base in that game, and that was with two double plays as well. But, Outman's a lefty, so we know how that goes.

Last night's three homer output was fantastic, but only two of the players who hit them are in the lineup tonight. It's for the better that Luke Scott is sitting against a lefty. And I always approve of Nolan Reimold getting a start. But with JJ Hardy doing great with a leadoff home run last night, why not keep him leadoff? Instead, he'll be batting 7th. Nick Markakis is still batting 2nd, and I am still under a self-imposed embargo not to compare his stat line to any other baseball player. Fortunately, I have managed to get Stacey to also make lots of Markakis comps, so she may be able to pick up the slack.

With the Orioles getting five extra-base hits yesterday, we can only hope they haven't used up their allotment for the rest of the week. They might need some more tonight.