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Game 88: Orioles (36-51) @ Red Sox (54-35), 1:35pm

It's no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy, 'cause every now again I kick the living sh-- out of me
It's no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy, 'cause every now again I kick the living sh-- out of me

Today, the Orioles are up against a Red Sox pitcher making his major league debut. In recent history, these seem to be the pitchers who destroy us, so I wouldn't even be surprised by a second shutout in a row. After watching that effort against Lackey last night, I'll believe anything.

It doesn't really matter who the pitcher is because we're going to lose to him anyway. His name is Kyle Weiland and he was a 3rd-round draft choice for Boston in the 2008 draft. Up until now he's advanced a level per year, with AAA to the big leagues being the second jump of the year for him. In 93 innings at Pawtucket he had a 3.00 ERA. 3.58 BB/9 is a little on the high side, but he also has a 9.58 K/9.

Mitch Atkins takes his second start for the Orioles. He wasn't terrible against Texas, scattering eight hits over six innings. Boston's another high-octane offense, and they are blasting the Orioles in this series. Even last night when they only scored four runs, they still had four different players combining for five doubles. That goes with Thursday's game where six different Sox homered. I wonder what it's like having a lineup that gets extra-base hits? That has to be something. Maybe one day we'll find out what that's like, when "buy the bats" doesn't mean "overpay for old, slow baseball players who can't hit any more."

The O's have lost six straight. You know this. I know this. Those of us who aren't numb to the team's suffering are depressed by this. There is a lot to be depressed about regarding the state of the Orioles right now. We'll probably see some more of that on display today. As a mercy, it's the last game before the All-Star Break, so you'll have three days where you don't have to watch another indignity. If we're really, really lucky, the O's won't be picking up a seven-game losing streak on the far side of the break. If we're even luckier, Vladimir Guerrero won't be hitting cleanup on the far side of the break.

I'm not holding my breath.