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Birds Up, O's Down for June 27 - July 10

High fives to Matt Wieters for his first All-Star game appearance.  First of many, we hope.
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
High fives to Matt Wieters for his first All-Star game appearance. First of many, we hope. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Who's hot and who's not for the Baltimore Orioles:


Jake Arrieta Had two starts over the two weeks and wasn't sharp in either game. Allowed 5 runs in both starts, as well as a 1:1 walk to SO ratio. Dealing with elbow soreness again due to a bone chip he should have just had removed already.

Mitch Atkins Pitched pretty well in his season debut (1 run over 6 innings against a solid Texas lineup), but completely exploded against the Red Sox this weekend. Allowed 6 ER in 1.2 innings, including 3 home runs. #sickoffailedcubsprospects

Zach Britton Struggling lately. Had two so-so starts against St. Louis and Atlanta before totally falling apart against the Red Sox. Most recently, allowed 7 ER and didn't make it out of the first inning. Returned to AA Bowie, but likely just for the idle weekend.


Jeremy Guthrie At the beginning of the season, he was pitching well and not winning. He's graduated to not pitching well and still isn't winning. Might be coincidence, but his control has suffered immensely since his back injury in Toronto. Don't believe in coincidences.

Chris Jakubauskas Mr. "I allow 3 runs over 5 innings per start" didn't have quite the same luck against St. Louis and Texas. Allowed 5 and 6 ER in those two starts and found himself back in the bullpen.

Brian Matusz Got slammed and then sent back to the minors. Ouch.

Alfredo Simon Has made a few appearances with Matusz back in the minors and Jack O'Boskie working from the pen. Wasn't particularly good in any of those appearances.


Brad Bergesen This was a toss-up. Gave him the "no change" since he's good sometimes (see Friday's game vs. Boston) and not so good at other times (see Wednesday's game vs. Texas).


Jason Berken Another toss-up, but he wasn't horrible.


Mike Gonzalez Wonder if he was actually trying to hit Ortiz. With Gonzo, it wouldn't be much of stretch to think he was trying to and just missed.

Kevin Gregg Ignore the fact that he's horrible at baseball and cherish his actions during Friday night's game for a week.


Mark Hendrickson He's back! For how long is anybody's guess.

Jim Johnson Usually solid old JJ wasn't as solid these past two weeks. Nothing ridiculously bad, but nothing great either. Took the loss against Texas last week and nearly coughed up another against Atlanta before that. Ejected in Friday night's game for no apparent reason.

Clay Rapada The O's finally figured out they need somebody who can get more outs than a LOOGY and sent this guy packing.

Koji Uehara The lone bright spot in the bullpen (the entire pitching staff, really) hasn't allowed a run since June 19th vs. the Nationals.

Pedro Viola Another guy who isn't very good at baseball.


Robert Andino Zero power, but getting hits on occasion from the bottom of the lineup.

Blake Davis Hasn't seen much playing time, but that doesn't really matter since he can't hit anyway. Miss you, Brian Roberts.

Vladimir Guerrero Haven't looked up the stats, but one has to imagine he's the worst DH in the league right now. And yet, he still bats cleanup. Go figure.

J.J. Hardy Cooled off a bit from his scorching month of June, but still maintaining an OPS greater than .800 and is tied for second on the team with 13 home runs.


Adam Jones Getting hits as well, but not many of the extra base variety. Had a triple yesterday which was his first since June 25th.

Derrek Lee Keep hitting homers and maybe he'll get up arrow consideration. OPS is now at the solid number of .666

Nick Markakis Long hitting streak was snapped against Atlanta, but Nicky recovered with a 3 hit game (including a home run) and a career-high 5 hit game. Went from being among the worst hitters in the lineup to the best BA (.292) on the team. OPS is above .700 again as well.

Felix Pie Another guy who is bad at baseball. How many other teams out there have so many players who aren't good at the sport?


Nolan Reimold Finally getting starts now that Luke's on the DL and somebody realized Pie isn't very good. Hopefully he makes full use of the opportunity.

Mark Reynolds Lots of errors and lots of strikeouts, but still hitting the homers. K tracker: 96

Luke Scott The Orioles finally realized Luke isn't very good at baseball either and sent him to the DL.


Craig Tatum Zero power, but still OPSing over .700

Matt Wieters Gets an up arrow for being the Orioles lone representative to the All-Star game. Needs to get on base more than he does, but its great to see a promising young player legitimately make it to the ASG.