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Camdencast Episode 6: Group Therapy Session

Andrew and I are pretty depressed about the Orioles, so we decided to invite Stacey onto the podcast for a little All-Star Break group therapy session. Although I'm not sure any of us ended the podcast any less depressed than we were when we started. If I might say so myself, I think this one may be our best yet.

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Today's rundown:

00:00-9:00 Intro; are we frustrated with or disappointed in the Orioles?

9:00-19:30 “Grow the arms” - the first crop, and there isn't a second: rotation disaster

19:30-26:30 MLB Futures Game; O's in game were Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado

26:30-38:45 The international market: recent interviews by MASN's Steve Melewski

38:45-51:00 Will Andy MacPhail return as GM? Should he return as GM?

51:00-1:02:00 O's payroll when they are competing, plus a little rosterbation

1:02:00-End Watching bad O's teams on MASN (plus Esskay's really dorky joke), and final thoughts

Questions for the floor:

What do you think is the ideal length for a podcast?

Would you prefer if podcasts over a certain length were split into two parts?

Thanks for all the feedback. We'll be back again!