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Thursday Bird Droppings

Keith Law's Interview About the Future of the Orioles - Camden Depot
"Perhaps more eloquently than I rambled on yesterday, Keith Law was interviewed on The Fan in Baltimore yesterday about how the Orioles situation is indeed somewhat dire. "

Big day coming for Roberts; Brian's Bash rescheduled -
"The good news is Roberts has really picked up the amount of physical and baseball activity that he is doing, and he has far more good days than bad ones these days. The bad news is he's still not completely symptom free and he still is experiencing some headaches from time to time."

X-rays negative on Reynolds, Guerrero; Showalter wants Lackey punished | HardballTalk
"Fortunately, there will be no lasting damage to the Orioles after two more HBPs from the Red Sox on Sunday. Initial X-rays on the hands of Mark Reynolds and Vladimir Guerrero were negative after both were hit by Boston right-hander Kyle Weiland in Boston’s 8-6 win over the Orioles on Sunday."

David Ortiz-Kevin Gregg fight brought out issues in baseball code - Jason Turbow -
"David Ortiz charged the mound last Friday. What he thought he was doing was putting an end to some half-baked intimidation tactics from Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg. What he actually did, however, held significantly more interest. With one inspired charge Ortiz tore open baseball's unwritten rulebook, giving us a good look inside. Before the game was over, the Red Sox and Orioles touched on no fewer than five distinct sections of The Code."

School of Roch: I want to know ... MASN
"So why do we still care about the 2011 season? Well, it doesn't end this weekend. There are plenty of games left to play, plenty of opportunities to make that run at .500. You're a fan. You can't turn away, no matter how hard you try and how much your heart aches."

Cal Ripken’s Advice for Derek Jeter -
Cal Ripken gives advice to Derek Jeter on going forward after 3,000 hits. -zk