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Orioles 8, Indians 3: and maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me

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So, I'm going to be honest folks I had to leave in the middle of the game and am putting this up so we can commence with some MBP voting and postgame jibber jabber. From what I saw, I can say this: the ball was sailing out of the yard -today, Mitch Atkins is not a major league pitcher and much credit in this win is due to two of my personally most-maligned O's, Mark Hendrickson and Robert Andino.

Atkins began right where he left off in his last outing by giving up a home run to certified Orioles killer Travis Hafner and then surrendering one of the most monstrous blasts I've ever seen to Carlos Santana. Santana's home run cleared the top of the foul pole by such a great distance, in fact, that whether or not it was a homer was not readily verifiable and the ump crew went to the video tape. Atkins managed to hang on for another couple of innings while allowing a total of 6 hits, two walks and two home runs. Hardly Penske material. Hendo came out for the top of the 4th and was pretty much perfect for Hendo, allowing no runs and three baserunners in 3 innings. On the offensive side of things, the core of Nick Markakis, Adam Jones and Matt Wieters each homered and Derrek Lee hit another double. The biggest surprise amongst offensive contributors, however, was Robert Andino. Andino smacked an Earl Weaver special and ended the day with 4 RBI and two runs, and, in the words of AP "deftly executed a suicide squeeze". I ask you, friends, how often have the O's executed anything deftly this season?

Debutante Matt Angle had an uneventful day at the plate, though he did manage a walk and looked solid in the field, from what I saw.

This was the third win of the month for the O's and the first series they have not lost since Cincy. Thank God for Ohio.