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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Report: Tigers interested in Orioles' Jeremy Guthrie, too | Detroit Free Press |
" writer Jon Paul Morosi, citing unidentified sources, said the team is looking at Baltimore Orioles right-hander Jeremy Guthrie. That adds to the list already comprised of Hiroki Kuroda, Ubaldo Jimenez and Derek Lowe. Morosi says Guthrie is more of a Plan B option, if the team can't land Kuroda or Jimenez.."

Do you trade Koji Uehara by the July 31 deadline? -
"Of the pending free agents, the only other one who might draw real interest this month is reliever Koji Uehara, who has been perhaps the club’s best pitcher. I’m not sure how much a right-handed setup man would bring in return, but Uehara has been one of the best."

Matt Albers not surprised Orioles were miffed at him -
"There is no denying that Albers threw well against the team that released him. Even so, the game was never in the balance during his appearance, and so when Albers punctuated his outing with a fist pump and a shout — shortly before David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg rumbled in a fight that would garner suspensions for both — the Orioles took notice."

J.J. Hardy's extension: Good deal for O's - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
"All in all, it seems like a good deal for the Orioles, assuming Hardy stays reasonably healthy. The Orioles are never going to be the first choice for top free agents, so they have to build from within and hope they can sign second-line players like Hardy to long-term contracts that don't break the payroll. Trading Hardy also would have left a huge gap at shortstop that would have been difficult to fill."

Matthew Taylor: On Hardy's extension, fun and clubhouse chemistry - MASN
"I don't want to overstate this, but there were nights when I believed the 1999 Baltimore Orioles had been purposefully assembled to destroy the will of others to live. A springy Labrador puppy could bounce into that locker room and it would immediately turn into a pile of burnt hair and ashes. ... It was a sour, pitiless collection of mostly angry men, marching like orcs through an interminable season." I pulled this quote simply because I think it is amazing, not because it is representative of the story.