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The View From Your Seat

With the Orioles playing the Braves this weekend, I was looking around Talking Chop, SB Nation's Braves blog, and I discovered a feature I think is pretty cool. In The View From Your Seat, a picture is posted from games attended by writers for the site. They have pictures from Braves games at home and on the road as well as various minor league stadiums.

I've decided to steal this feature from Talking Chop (with their blessing, of course), and I hope to post pictures from all Camden Chatters. So if you attend any baseball game, major league or minor, email me your picture and I'll post it on the front page for all to see.

To kick things off I'm going to reach back a bit and post the view from my seats from series with the Pirates at PNC Park June 20-22. Enjoy!


June 20th, 2011: Section 8, Row J


June 21, 2011: Section 135, Row A


June 22, 2011: Section 123, Row J