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Camdencast Episode 7: MacPhail's Acid Reflux

By popular demand, Andrew and I are going to try to adjust our podcasting so that we have shorter episodes that are posted more often. We recorded this one last night intending to keep it to 30 minutes and it ended up being 36 minutes. Hey, it's progress. Turns out there's a lot to say in a podcast about the Baltimore Orioles, even when they aren't good.

You can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, or search for "camdencast" in the iTunes store. Be sure to subscribe! Then you can get updates without having to wait for posts to go up.

You can also subscribe through other readers using the XML link, or just listen directly through your browser. Still not sure about streaming here on SBN, but this podcast is half the length of the others, at least.

Today's breakdown:

0:00-5:30        Intro; J.J. Hardy extension

5:30-16:15     Chances of a bounce back by Britton, Matusz, Tillman

16:15-19:45   Alternate universe: Brian Matusz never got hurt; now how does the staff look?

19:45-27:00   Effects of the worst defense in baseball, and Andy MacPhail's gut

27:00-32:00   Has enough time passed to judge MacPhail's plan? Is it working?

32:00-36:17   Final thoughts: Hall of Fame induction weekend


We'll be back again, and probably sooner than you think. Thanks for all the support and feedback!